6 Feet Under | Dec 8 2023

The set I played for 6 Feet Under at the beautiful Club Palazzo in downtown Phoenix

Thank you to Hexmaschine, Awfully Sinister and Winterhalt for inviting me out to play with you all! I had a blast and the crowd amazing. I had to learn how to play on a new system I never been on before (the XDJ-1000MK2) but I adapted fast and made it through


Track IDs

-Vital Signs//Kanga – 
— kanga.bandcamp.com/track/vital-signs
— www.instagram.com/kangakult/

-HEAVEN’S GATES (feat. Izzy Camina)//Devault
— www.instagram.com/devaultmusic
— www.instagram.com/devaultmusic/

— potochkine.bandcamp.com/track/poss-d-e
— www.instagram.com/potochkine/

-Maria (Another Mix)//Alen Skanner
— alenskanner.bandcamp.com/track/maria-another-mix
— www.instagram.com/alenskanner/

-Bella Ragazza//Gegen Mann
— oberwave.bandcamp.com/track/gegen-ma…-bella-ragazza
— www.instagram.com/oberwave

-Give Me My Ground//Her Absence Fill the World
— herabsencefilltheworld.bandcamp.com/track/g…nal-mix
— www.instagram.com/herabsencefilltheworld/

-You Can Never Go Home//GHOST COP
— ghostcopnyc.bandcamp.com/track/you-ca…ever-go-home
— www.instagram.com/ghostcopnyc/

-Tears//Boy Harsher 
— boyharsher.bandcamp.com/track/tears
— www.instagram.com/boyharsher/

-Fusion Opulance//NNHMN
— k-dreams.bandcamp.com/track/fusion-opulance
— www.instagram.com/nnhmn_/

– A Fondo//Macaulay
— inmacaulay.bandcamp.com/track/a-fondo
— www.instagram.com/elmacaulay/

-Action body//Millimetric 
— m-tronic.bandcamp.com/track/action-body
— www.instagram.com/fxmillimetric/

-The Crow (KOR Remix)//Her Absence Fill the World
— herabsencefilltheworld.bandcamp.com/track/t…r-remix

-Penser Avec Ses Pieds (Italo Vocal Mix)//Myrddin Ft Alassë
— ullarecords.bandcamp.com/track/penser…lo-vocal-mix
— www.instagram.com/myrddin_69/

— fndo.bandcamp.com/track/war
— www.instagram.com/fndofndo/

-Hectic//SDH Semiotics Department of Heteronyms
— semioticsdepartmentofheteronyms.bandcamp.com/tr…ic
— www.instagram.com/sdh_______/